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Babies For Sale!

Updated 10/7/13
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After a small break, we are breeding again. Now that my own son has joined us in the world and we are back on track, a few chin pairs have been reunited. We do not have enough babies to post pictures of but if you have something you are specifically looking for let me know and I can put you on the waiting list. We won't be doing as much breeding as in the past but if you are looking for something specific I can direct you to other breeders who may have what you are looking for. If you are interested in any adults as well let me know. I am looking to downsize slightly.

There are a lot of abandoned chins that need homes if you are willing to adopt a rescue!!
Here is the website Original Chinchillas and you can contact her at this email address theoriginalflyingl@excite.com. She has very beautiful rescues that are in desperate need of homes! Adopt a chin today!*******

Let me know what your looking for and if I don't have anything available, I can direct you to someone who does.

I accept Paypal, Cash and Checks. I must have the checks ahead of time so they clear before the chinchilla goes to their new home. Let me know if you want to pay with Paypal and I will give you my Paypal account email.

I will start taking deposits on Kits around 3 weeks of age, if they are of good weight. Keep checking back for updates.

ON HOLD: I have someone interested and looking to give a deposit
SALE PENDING: I have received the deposit and have a pick up date
SOLD: I have received the full payment

*If you are interested in a kit please email me. I am willing to drive up to an hour away for those who are a significant distance from me. Anything further and I will ask for reimbursement. I do not ship my chins.

*Each chin comes with his/her own Pedigree, baggie of Food to help wean and receipt

*I will hold the chin with a deposit for two weeks, after that if I have not received a full payment, or made an appointment for pick up, the chin will go back up for sale.

*If I have received a deposit and you have paid in full, but need to board the chin until you can pick him/her up, it will be only $10 a month for boarding, first month no charge.

*I have the right to deny anyone of buying a kit.

*I am willing to answer any and all questions you may have about taking care of a chin, or will point you in the right direction. See my Links page for more information on caring for a chin.

*I do not ship my chins.

See my Sales Policy page for more information. There you will also find my sales contract and questionaire.

~~~I do not take neglect or animal abuse lightly. If you do not have the means or willingness to learn about the care for a chinchilla, do not look into purchasing a chinchilla.~~~

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